Exploring women’s underrepresentation in endurance sports thru photography and storytelling.

With Onward, I examine possible reasons for women’s underrepresentation in long distance running, biking and skiing races. I explore topics such as motherhood, returning to racing postpartum, gear maintenance, race culture, time cutoffs, race lotteries, learning new skills, risk taking, role models… and more. I analyze barriers keeping women from participating in endurance events and highlight opportunities to increase women’s participation.


Read this –>> Why ONWARD?

Podcasts Featuring ONWARD

Treeline Journal Podcast — motherhood & training, ONWARD and tips for getting into gravel biking / mountain biking / winter ultras

Episode 12 | Amy Broadmoore on Representation of Women in Endurance Sports

The Duluth Rundown Podcast — my running history, running injuries and ONWARD

TDR Podcast 21 | Amy Broadmoore Interview

Social Sports Podcast — ONWARD, structural barriers and winter ultras

Episode 12 | Amy Broadmoore on Women’s Underrepresentation in Adventure Sports

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