CHELSEA STRATE: Finding Meaning

Chelsea Strate is an endurance mountain biker who placed third at this past year's Marji Gesick 100 mile. Until the pandemic shook things up, Chelsea worked as the Field Marketing Coordinator for Quality Bicycle Products -- an enviable job that had Chelsea traveling from her home in Minnesota to events and bike shops in Colorado,... Continue Reading →

CAREY LOWERY: Tackling a Five-Year-Old Dream

I spoke with endurance mountain biker Carey Lowery after she won the extremely challenging Marji Gesick 100 mile mountain bike race for the third time. At age 51, Carey has had a long and impressive career. Highlights of Carey's career include placing 2nd at the Marathon Nationals in 2013. She has also been crowned the... Continue Reading →

MEGAN DOERR is so Badass

Megan Doerr is an endurance mountain biker and a fantastic storyteller, who had me laughing out loud throughout this interview. Megan was one of only ten women (in a field of 137 riders) to complete the incredibly technical and challenging Marji Gesick 100 mile mountain bike race in Northern Michigan this past fall. In this... Continue Reading →

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